Today’s Technical Tip-off: Recent Tech Note Round-up (with a hint of MS Word)

Hi, and welcome to this new column. Each week we will be offering tips/tricks and how to’s that will help make your Mac easier and more productive to use. This week we have four (4) tips for you. So sit back, get ready to take notes, ‘cause here we go.

1. If you have an iBook or new PowerBook (FireWire) your portable pal may be susceptible to a bug that prevents your laptop from waking from sleep properly. To protect yourself from this bug, download a copy of Apple’s Sleep Memory Extension. This extension, among other things, disables the “Preserve memory contents on sleep” option in the Energy Saver control panel.

You can find the Sleep Memory Extension at:

2. If you use Apple’s iTools and maintain an iDisk on Apple’s website you may find that although you can mount the iDisk via the Chooser or Network BrowserË, you can’t mount the iDisk with the web interface. Here’s why:

A. iDisk won’t mount unless you have AppleShare enabled on your Mac.

B. If you’re behind a firewall you may not be able to mount the iDisk because iTools uses the AppleTalk Filing Protocol, which operates on TCP port 548. If your firewall blocks this port, iDisk won’t work until the port is opened.

3. If you’ve attempted to download new templates or clippings from AppleWorks 6.0 you realize that when double-clicking on a web-based template or requesting that new clippings be downloaded to your Mac, nothing happens — no Web connection is initiated and no files download to your Mac. Here’s the secret:

In order to download Web-based content you must first fire up your Internet connection and then launch your browser. Once you do, the templates found in the Web tab and Web-based clippings files will download to your Mac.

4. Do you have a textual tidbit that you type over and over again in Microsoft Word 98? You probably know that you can create an AutoText entry for that tidbit but did you know you could create a button that, with a single click, inserts that same text? Here’s how:

Select Customize from the Tools menu, select the Commands tab (if it isn’t already selected), and scroll down until you find AutoText. In the right side of this window find the phrase you want to button-ize and drag this phrase into a toolbar. Now whenever you’d like to insert that bit of text, just click the button.

Well that does it for this week. As always your comments and suggestions are always welcome.