Steve Jobs CNBC Interview Transcript

Host: Put your Apple Hat on for us will you? Tell us how things are going for you in the computer area.

Steve: Well you know, uh, things are going well. We just released a bunch of new products at MacWorld, and they’re just beginning to sell.

Host: There is some concern that the PC market slows down seasonsly. Further, we’ve see some slown downs recently from some of your competitiors, are you not seeing that?

Steve: Well you know, we just introduced a bunch of new products, and they’re just starting to sell right now. We’ll let you know. But it’s too early to tell.

Host: Where is the biggest demand when you look around the world geographically?

Steve: Uh, you know the largest 3 geographies for us are the US, Europe, and Japan.

Host: Do you see either of those accelerating at this point? Japan and Europe?

Steve: Uh, again, we’ll let you know at the end of the quarter what happens.

Host: What about the issue of the component shortage that we’ve heard so much about throughout the technology issue. Has that impacted Apple?

Steve: We have our problems like everyone else, but nothing major is slowing us down at this point.

Host: You’ve certainly outperformed your competitors in the PC area, up about 45% over the last year or so. How do you get the stock continuing on that big run?

Steve: Well, Apple and Pixar are alike. What we focus on is the products. At Apple, it is the computers; at Pixar, it is the films. We think that if we put out great products, then the stock will follow. So that’s what we tend to concentrate on.