Mac Gaming Thrives: Part 1

Walking to the Javits Center from Penn Station on the second day of MacWorld Expo, I felt saucy. I had gone to the keynote the day before, and despite its almost 2-hour length, I was shown some incredibly cool stuff. The new G4 Cube and the new iMacs looked even more beautiful than I had imagined they could. El Steve had performed his wizardry once again, and I was impressed.

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Bungie’s Presence at MacWorld

Bungie was actually present at MacWorld–but you had to wait until the final Friday of the show, and walk down to the gaming shop “Neutral Ground” on 26th. Bungie was received at a fanfest .

hosted by, and attended by Hamish of the Marathon Story Page, flown in from Ireland for the occasion. Bungie was represented by Alex Seropian, Max Hoberman, and Matt Soell.

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AppleScript: Personal Preferences

The first feature of Mac OS 9 is that it can have different settings for each user. There are people who want this feature, but can’t upgrade to Mac OS 9. Guess what? Anyone with AppleScript can have multiple user settings.

I will be explaining how to switch preferences for a computer with three users. The users names are User 1, User 2, and User 3. You can use real names if you wish, when you create this script.

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Steve Jobs CNBC Interview Transcript

Host: Put your Apple Hat on for us will you? Tell us how things are going for you in the computer area.

Steve: Well you know, uh, things are going well. We just released a bunch of new products at MacWorld, and they’re just beginning to sell.

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Netscape 6 is my “browser of choice” (not!)

Slow, ugly, and bloated. Those three words sum up Netscape 6 pretty well. When I heard that Netscape 6 PR 1 was released, I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about. Why? Netscape hasn’t released a new version of their browser in well over 6 or 7 months. Maybe you didn’t even know there was a Netscape 6 at all.

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Macs are a Myth

I teach in a Computer Science classroom. One of my chief duties is to introduce freshmen, 14 year olds, to computers in general. Although most have a computer at home (I do surveys in the beginning of the year), only 1/4 of those that are familiar with computers have ever heard of the Macintosh, or realize that there is another platform choice.

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OSX: A Major Salvo Against Windows, or Just a Backfire?

There are many who say that OSX is going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They say that by combining the power and robustness of Unix with the ease-of-use afforded by the Mac OS, that OSX is destined to be the straw that finally breaks Microsoft’s back and loosens their stranglehold on the computer industry.
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The Email Must Go Through! Email Services Review

ZOUNDS and FORSOOTH! It is I, your Shareware God, back at last from an extended vacation in Scotchgard (which is a lot like Asgard, but the upholstery lasts forever). I deign again to come amongst you mortals with yet more goodies for your shareware arsenal, and ask only that you honour thy shareware Author and pay thy shareware fees if you like and keep the program.

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office 2001 review

Office 2001 – Hacking it to Bits!

Most of us who have had the privilege of reviewing Microsoft Office 2001 GM agree: It’s cool. While many of us are still overcoming the shock and horror of having come to that conclusion about Microsoft Office of all things (I hear stories of one reviewer who slipped a bag over his head and flagellated himself for three days chanting, “Mac is the Way, I shall follow the Way”), the remainder of the intrepid band of testers immediately began playing with Office in ways completely unsuitable for most reviews. As one of those testers, I have a proposition.

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macintosh user group

Forming Your Own MUG (Macintosh User Group)

Why Should I Do This?

Macintosh User Groups are strange things, communities of people seemingly springing out of nowhere to meet on a regular basis, discuss the Macintosh and help each other out with whatever problems they may be experiencing. Most communities are lucky enough to have a MUG presence of some sort, new MUG’s being created all the time.

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