Monsoon MM 700

Monsoon MM-700 Neodymium Speakers Review

Computers have shrunk from giant mainframes into gumdrop iMacs, processors and chips have shrunk into millimeters, and prices have dropped to almost nothing. The exact same is true for speakers.And as we close in on the Millenium, one thing has become increasingly clear this decade. Space is valuable. For any consumer, space is very important. That’s why it’s really nice to stumble upon a pair of quality speakers that actually sound great and take up only a small space on a desk. I’m referring to Sonigistix’s Monsoon flat panel speakers.Monsoon has come up with a very small handsome flat panel speaker system that is one of the few that finally does justice to my MP3 and CD collection. They are very small, slim, and low profile. And in a tinted grey they really go great with anything you put them up against.

Monsoon MM-700 Specs

Aesthetically, there’s really nothing flimsy about them. They aren’t flexible, they mount easily to a wall with Velcro, and come with optional stands.The sound is, more importantly, even better. Packing a self-powered 25 watt subwoofer tuned to the ambiant mid-range to low bass puts out a decent boom. It’s certainly enough for computer audio. And each satellite speaker has 12.5 watts of power which really sounds good when you have the volume cranked up. Oh, and did I mention that you can’t “blow” these speakers out? Because they don’t rely on pressured-air to create noise, it’s completely safe to crank it up. Even when you walk around the speakers the sounds remains consistent because the sound isn’t focused in one direction.Out of 10, I’d give the monsoon speakers a 9.

My one gripe is that the subwoofer power and bass controls are hard to reach. It would be nice if they could somehow be integrated into the hockey puck. I’ve decided to just keep them always on.If you’re looking for a computer audio system that won’t take up a lot of desk space then the monsoon’s are definitely the best pick. Their full line includes a higher end model and a lower priced one as well.Powered subwoofer/satellite system (12.5 watts for each satellite and 25 watts for the subwoofer); frequency response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz; crossover frequency: 200 Hz; subwoofer speaker: 5.25″; satellite speaker: 4″ by 8″ flat, planar magneticMonsoon MM-700Sonigistix, 877-722-8346 Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price: $149