AsanteTalk LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge

AsanteTalk LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge

How about, “Eureka!” I’ll call it the AsanteTalk. Anyone who has had an Apple computer before the iMac era will know what LocalTalk is. Also called PhoneLine networking, it’s the way things used to work before Ethernet. Those who had serial port printers will also know what I’m talking about. Everything hooked up with little “DIN 8” connectors and resistors to supply a local network with printer access, file sharing, and networking.

Back then Ethernet was a dream.Sure it was antiquated and sluggish but life depended on it. When Apple stripped their computers of serial ports and converted to Ethernet, no one knew what was to be done. Until now. Whether you have an Ethernet network and LocalTalk devices, or a LocalTalk network and Ethernet devices, you’ll need this wonder. The AsanteTalk is quite simply an adapter for these devices. Simply plug one end of the LocalTalk on one side and Ethernet on the other. It’s not that difficult until you get around to testing it out.

Ethernet bridge setup

A two minute installation, and a twenty minute troubleshooting session. Pretty good considering the scientific method some hardware has to be put through. The compatibility list isn’t universal. In fact, the thing doesn’t work with a few printers. It has a tendency to not recognize the LocalTalk devices. The key is in powering them up in the right order and timing it just right. Only experience could tell though.

Once that’s done, it seems to always work. I kept it hooked up for about two weeks and had no problems.A few words of advice:Don’t replace your old printers with new ones. For $120 bucks this thing could save a lot of money which would buy a lot of those dumb ink cartridges.Call tech support if you have any trouble. They’re quick and very helpful.Unplug the power adapter as it leaks several watts of electricity a day when not in use. Asante – $129.00