Adobe Ships InDesign 1.5

When Adobe shipped InDesign 1.0 last year, it was pretty much agreed that Quark still had a pretty good grasp of the design and print publishing markets. Adobe settled that notion today, as they’re shipping version 1.5 the week of March 29th.

Among the features that Quark advocates touted above Adobe’s head included being able to align text along a path, better trapping, better vertical justification, pre-production, and a full set of export and printing formats and styles. InDesign 1.5 promises all that and more. Of course, it’s also the only program to be updated within four years. In short, there are plenty of reasons to jump ship to Adobe. Better integration with other key design tools of production workflows such as Illustrator and Photoshop allow for a huge compensation in terms for quality color control and ease of use in the interface. Not the least of the reasons to switch is the fact that Adobe has lowered their upgrade price to $29.99 after a lot of negative feedback regarding what was to be a one hundred dollar upgrade. Users who purchases after February 12th will receive it for free along with free shipping if ordered from Adobe. For those who haven’t purchased yet, it’s still priced reasonably at $699. However, in terms of upgrade prices for Quark users, Adobe has them beat badly.

The dozens of bug-fixes and miscellaneous tweaking illustrate Adobe’s response to customer demand for better control over their production processes and work style. Version 1.0 had several glitches and bugs that altered the way pages looked. The new version sports several new imaging, typographic, and layout control, along with superior integration. Adobe lists the top eight new features as being:

  1. Text on path
  2. Built-in trapping
  3. Vertical Justification
  4. Improved color interface
  5. Print & PDF Export Styles
  6. Eyedropper tool
  7. Binding spine control
  8. Alpha channel clipping paths & enhanced text wrap

For more information view the InDesign web page or read the press release.