Monsoon MM 700

Monsoon MM-700 Neodymium Speakers Review

Computers have shrunk from giant mainframes into gumdrop iMacs, processors and chips have shrunk into millimeters, and prices have dropped to almost nothing. The exact same is true for speakers.And as we close in on the Millenium, one thing has become increasingly clear this decade. Space is valuable. For any consumer, space is very important. That’s why it’s really nice to stumble upon a pair of quality speakers that actually sound great and take up only a small space on a desk. I’m referring to Sonigistix’s Monsoon flat panel speakers.Monsoon has come up with a very small handsome flat panel speaker system that is one of the few that finally does justice to my MP3 and CD collection. They are very small, slim, and low profile. And in a tinted grey they really go great with anything you put them up against.

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GrooveMaker 2

GrooveMaker 2 Review

IK Multimedia’s Groovemaker 2.0 is the perfect program for amateur and professional mixers and DJs alike. No matter what kind of mixing you would like to do: techno, dance, ambient, house, Brazilian percussion, or even hiphop (soon to come); Groovemaker offers CDs for mixing these types of music. And for users who like to hear random mixes without having to mix themselves, Groovemaker includes many automated tasks that its closest competitor, Mixman, fails to provide.

Installation was a snap, and now it was time to make some grooves. Groovemaker first prompts you to select a song (or template) you wish to groove with. The Song dialogue box tells you a concise description of the song, the Beats Per Minute (BPM) at which the song was originally recorded, and plays a sample groove that can be made from the song (since literally millions of different grooves can be made from each individual song). Once you have selected a song to groove with, you have to copy it to your hard disk. Now you are ready to make some mixes.

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The Sims

The Sims: Playing God

It all started innocently enough, a lanky 22-year-old recent college graduate hiding from his job hunt at MacWorld Expo, armed with nothing but a Bachelor’s in English and $45 to buy a cool new game. The $45 actually had some value, and he traded it for a copy of Maxis’ recent hit, the people-simulation game known as The Sims.

Players can choose the gender, race, weight, age and appearance for each Sim or choose from an offering of pre-created characters offered by the game. The player then places their Sims in a house of their own design after outfitting the home with the basics of modern survival (lights, phones, toilets, showers, beds, chairs, tables, cooking appliances and a fridge). The game is now underway and chaos is the norm.

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Internet Explorer on mac

OS X DP4 In-depth Look With Screenshots!

Installation was similiar to previous versions. You insert the CD, double click on the installation app, and it reboots from the CD into Mac OS X. It erases a partition on your hard drive and installs itself. The installation took somewhat more time than the current Mac OS; I timed it at 17 minutes.

During the application, you are IN Aqua. You can drag the installation window around, access menus, etc. I tried clicking on the Services cascading menu, but since OS X wasn’t installed, there was no services, so the menu disappeared, but when I brought it up again, it was more transparent. I repeated this process until it no longer came up at all, and though the installation appeared to finish, I had to do a cold restart, and the machine never finished booting into Mac OS X. I had to reboot from the OS 9 CD and then repeat the OS X installation process.

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linux os

Can I Run Linux/Unix on My Mac?

You can’t run any old linux distro on a PowerPC mac. This is because of three fundamental reasons

  • The PowerPC CPU uses a totally different instruction set from x86. You simply can’t run an x86 binary on PowerPC, and nor can you run a PowerPC binary on x86.
  • Byte order. PowerPC uses what is known as ‘little endian’ byte order, while x86 uses ‘big-endian’. In English, this means that, in a byte, binary 1 is stored on PowerPC as: 10000000 and on x86 as: 00000001
  • Hardware interfaces – Apple Macs use different busses, ports and other hardware (sound & graphics architecture) than x86 PCs.

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icg vs aim

AIM vs. ICQ Review

The battle has long been fought between the two AOL-dominated rivals: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and ICQ. Both have very attractive and useful interfaces and features.Today, the battle ends; a winner will emerge.

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AsanteTalk LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge

AsanteTalk LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge

How about, “Eureka!” I’ll call it the AsanteTalk. Anyone who has had an Apple computer before the iMac era will know what LocalTalk is. Also called PhoneLine networking, it’s the way things used to work before Ethernet. Those who had serial port printers will also know what I’m talking about. Everything hooked up with little “DIN 8” connectors and resistors to supply a local network with printer access, file sharing, and networking.

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